LYNX Touch 5210

touch screen
4.3" Screen
Fully Wireless
Two-way voice

Honeywell’s LYNX Touch 5210 all-in-one home and business control system features a crystal clear, full-color 4.3″ touchscreen with graphic icons and intuitive prompts for easy operation. It features live video on demand, Z-Wave® automation capabilities, advanced alarm communications, garage door notification and control, tornado alerts for U.S. and Canadian residents, and remote software upgradeability. See Full Description







IP Cameras


Dures Technology

If you are in a dangerous situation inside your home or business and you are asked to deactivate your alarm, just enter your Dures security code and the panel will send a silent alert to our monitoring center.

Zone Voice Name

Each zone in your home or business is registered with a name, when one of those zones is activated even if the panel is not armed, the panel will inform you by loud voice or sound the name of the zone that was activated / opened.

Panel Manipulation

If someone tries to manipulate the panel either by destruction or by opening the panel. The system will emit an alarm immediately where you will be informed by the Total Connect application and by our central station.

LYNX Touch 7000

touch screen
7" Screen
Fully Wireless

Honeywell’s LYNX Touch 7000 control system features a bright, 7″ full-color touchscreen with graphic icons and intuitive prompts for easy operation. It features on-screen video, Z-Wave® automation capabilities, advanced alarm communications, garage door notification and control, tornado alerts for U.S. and Canadian residents, and remote software upgradeability. See Full Description







IP Cameras


List of Wireless Accessories & ZWAVE

5800PIR-RES/COM - Movement Sensor

Honeywell’s 5800PIR Series of Wireless Motion Detectors are high-performance, easy-to-install sensors featuring sleek, compact designs that are ideal for applications where aesthetics or discretion are critical. On the 5800PIR and 5800PIR-COM, PIR sensitivity and temperature sensing can be enabled via programming locally or from the central station. Installation is easy, with no jumpers, switches or disassembly, fewer mounting restrictions and an automatic walk test mode that turns on the walk test LED for ten minutes—saving installers one trip up the ladder for each sensor. Other notable benefits include fewer service calls thanks to a long-life battery and empty cases which allow designers and end-users to custom-paint the motion detectors to match any residential or commercial setting. The 5800PIR blends perfectly with all of the 5800 Series family of sensors for a seamless look. See Data Sheet

5816WMWH - Sensor Magnético

Two zone transmitter with both built-in magnetic reed switches and wired closed circuit contact loop. The 5800 Series of door and window transmitters provide the most reliable, convenient and cost effective solutions for security protection. These devices are powerful and versatile enough to help solve even the toughest, most labor intensive installations. With a demonstrated outdoor range of over a mile, the 5800 Series has the best performance of any transmitters available today.

5834-4 - Remote Control

Honeywell’s 5834-4 wireless key family offers dealers a valuable opportunity to increase their ASP (Average System Price) by adding convenient system control to any VISTA™ or LYNX system. The 5834-4 family features four buttons that can be programmed for individual control or can be paired for two-button control, which allows for a total of eight functions for multiple applications like arming, disarming, panics, trigger relays, etc. See Data Sheet

5808W3 - Fire / Smoke Sensor

Honeywell’s 5808W3 is a 3V lithium powered, photoelectronic smoke/heat detector with a built-in wireless transmitter. It is intended for use with any 5800 Series Wireless Receiver/Transceiver for residential installations (for commercial installations, the 5881ENHC or the 5883H receiver is required). The transmitter can send alarm, tamper, maintenance (when control panels are equipped to process maintenance signals), and battery condition messages to the system’s receiver. Smoothing algorithms minimize nuisance alarms by smoothing out short term spikes from dust and smoke – virtually eliminating nuisance alarms. See Data Sheet

5800CO - Carbon Monoxide

The 5800CO is a 3V battery powered wireless carbon monoxide (CO) detector intended for use with Honeywell alarm systems that support 5800 Series wireless devices. It provides early warning when its electrochemical sensing technology measures carbon monoxide levels in the air. The 5800CO is specifically designed for system operation and is fully listed to UL 2075 as a system supervised detector.* It contains a piezoelectric horn which generates the ANSI S3.41 temporal 4 pattern in an alarm condition. See Data Sheet

5853 - Glass Sensor

Honeywell’s 5853 Wireless Glassbreak Detector offers uncompromised performance and unmatched false alarm immunity. The FlexCoreTM signal processor utilizes an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) – processing sound data in parallel rather than sequentially. This permits sound frequency, duration and amplitude to be analyzed 50% faster to minimize false alarms while maintaining the highest possible level of detection. The 5853 can be mounted on any wall or ceiling within a 25’ range, with no minimum range limitation. The LEDs indicate test mode, alarms and trouble conditions. It is compatible with all 5800 series wireless devices. See Data Sheet

5800WAVE - Wireless Siren

Honeywell’s 5800WAVE is a fully wireless siren that provides periodic status information and battery back up for an added level of performance and protection. The flexible design simplifies installation, saves time and installs in seconds at any location without the need to run wires. System status is shown on the 5800WAVE with three LED’s directly on the front of the unit. See Data Sheet

5821 & 470PB - Water Leak

Ideally suited for applications including bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements, the 5821 helps protect against temperature fluctuations and flood conditions. The versatile device can be configured to operate as a standalone temperature sensor and/or a remote temperature sensor or flood detector. Fully compatible with Honeywell Total Connect® Remote Services, it can send users email or text message alerts when detecting floods or extreme temperatures so they can take action to minimize and avert damages. See Data Sheet

IPCAM-WL - Camara IP

Honeywell Total Connect Video Solutions are part of Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services, which let consumers control their security and automation systems, view live video, keep tabs on vehicles and assets* and receive important email and video alerts on everyday smart devices. They provide dealers with an excellent way to earn RMR, especially when combined with I-View Now™ video alarm verification (VAV)—a patented, cloud-based central station video interface that lets monitoring personnel view video clips to see what caused an alarm to help ensure that emergency responders have the information they need prior to arrival onsite. See Data Sheet

5877GDPK - Control de Garaje

The 5877GDPK kit works in conjunction with the LYNX Touch 5200 and LYNX Touch 7000 self-contained home/business control systems and Honeywell Total Connect®Remote Services. Utilizing the 5877GDPK kit residential and small business customers can easily control up to three garage doors per system and know if they are opened or closed locally at the touchscreen and remotely with Honeywell Total Connect. The 5877GDPK includes the 5877 Relay Receiver and a SSA1 Z-Wave™ Wireless Strobe/Sounder. It is for use in conjunction with the LYNX Touch 5200 and LYNX Touch 7000, to provide an audible and visible warning that the garage door opener is being activated. See Data Sheet

Kwikset SmartKey SmartCode

Add an extra level of security and style to your home with the Kwikset 911TNLTRL15SMTCP SmartCode electronic entry lever with SmartKey technology. Designed with an elegant style and available in a variety of finishes (including satin nickel, polished brass and Venetian brass) to complement the interior of your home, you can close your office at home, warehouse or storage room and never have to worry about keys It also introduces SmartKey’s key technology as backup security. Available in colors / material (Venetian Bronze, Satin Nickel, Polished Brass) Learn more about this product on the Kwikset website..

Yale Real Living Touchscreen

Experience the endless possibilities with Yale Real Living. The Yale Real Living electronic locks open the door to a new level of safety and comfort. Each lock is equipped with an illuminated keypad to facilitate entry during the day and night. Yale locks fit standard 1 3/8 to 1 3/4 inch doors and install in minutes with just a screwdriver. All Realle Dead Life locks are ANSI / BHMA grade 2 certified. Yale also offers a variety of lever styles to choose from. The Yale Real Living touch screen levers are equipped with the appeal of a true capacitive touch screen. Simply activate the lock with a touch and enter your password to enter your home. Learn more about this product on the Yale website.


Transform any home into a smart home with the in-wall GE Z-Wave Smart Switch. The switch enables wireless control to turn lights on and off, schedule a timed event or create a custom scene from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day. Helping to cut energy costs and keep your home safe, it requires in-wall installation with hardwired connections for full control from smartphones, tablets, PCs and Z-Wave enabled wireless remotes. Take control of your home lighting with GE Z-Wave Smart Lighting Controls!

ZWAVE Honeywell Thermostat

Honeywell, the number one choice of homeowners and the world’s leading brand for temperature control, continues their tradition of excellence and quality with the ZWSTAT Z-Wave® Thermostat. ZWSTAT communicates with the 5800ZBRIDGE Z-Wave® Energy Management Module to enable automatic control with Honeywell’s leading security systems, making it an ideal addition to any Z-Wave connected home or building. Precise temperature control enables ZWSTAT to provide better comfort, fewer temperature swings and conserve more energy. Users can create keypad lockouts in homes and businesses— an excellent way to save money and energy by curtailing children and unauthorized personnel from adjusting the thermostat. Other notable features include the ability to alternate between heating and cooling based on temperature settings, alerts to change air filters and pads, fan circulation and more. See Data Sheet